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Sin Epic Ref 2.0 by SinCommonStitches Sin Epic Ref 2.0 by SinCommonStitches
Name: Sin Common Stitches
Nickname: Sinderella, Sinnabun, Sinnuh
Age: 19 (actually old as time)
Species: Jackal, Wolf/ Demon

-No one but Lance knows this body's real name
-Has 3 sets of wings
-Horns hidden in her hair
-Blind in her Red eye and sees the sins of the soul. (can tell if your lying to her)
-19 stitches down her spine, holding it it
-scars all over her back, ankles, and wrists from torture
-[link] is her boyfriend XD <3
- She’s Egyptian and French
-She’s lived many lives.
-She is a cannibal eating hearts and souls to survive
-Leader of the ChA0s Pack
- [link] is her best friend/ has a crush on her

:bulletblack:Background Story:bulletblack:
Sin is merely a sur name for the legacy of the Arch Angel named sin who died in the Garden of Eden in the beginning of time. She is the newest in a long family line of murder and tragedy that plagues women with di colored eyes taken over by the Angels soul.

No one knows her real name, she was born in France with her loving parents, Kite and Rene. Rene was a daughter of a wealthy drug dealer and Kite was a hired assassin to murder her. He however fell in love with her and they had a daughter together. However, by disobeying orders Kite wrote himself a death sentence.His family and their rivaling family of Assassins followed them everywhere they moved. As their little girl grew however they settled down in Bordeaux.

One day on a family outing Kite noticed people following them he ran into a back alley, tucking his wife and daughter under some garbage he was attacked and brutally stabbed. Rene threw herself at them only to have her brains blown out all over the pavement. Kite murdered them as he bleed out holding his own organs in with a hand took his little girls and told her how much he loved her just before he collapsed on top of her, his organs spilling out all over her. Years passed and she managed to survive the ordeal. But she was miserable enough to try and end her life by throwing herself in front of a bus at age 8. But a near by boy tackled her and saved her. His name was Syirus [link] and he took her in and made her live with him. She lived with Syirus for many years until the demons of Limbo came for her and told her she must pay penance for her fathers sins.
She spent 4 years there being whipped and beaten on a daily basis to atone for her dads sins’ in Limbo. Her tormentor was Lusifist, a Demi god; overseer of limbo. He fell for her and tried to convince her into sleeping with him. She always refused until she finally lost her will to fight and gave in but only if he took away her shackles. Just as he was about to rape her she grabbed a broken sheet of metal and stabbed him mercilessly in the heart, running away only to be shot dead by arrows at the exit. She fell over the edge and into the continuum of worlds towards hell for murdering someone. This is where she passed through the soul stream and was consumed by the angel sins soul, fusing with her just before they fell into the gates of hell. Instantly when an angel enters the gates they are turned into a demon. She crashed and was taken care of until she was 16 by Stan (Satan), Apocalypse [link] and Saymos [link] Where she escaped into the real world and lived and loved Raven [link] . They met at a god forsaken bus terminal in the middle of nowhere. She provoked him by killing some birds hanging around, and then tried to eat him. However he easily stopped her. No man had ever been able to fight her off so her interest grew, following him around. The two slowly became physical and mental attached. He taught her how to love and helped her forget the hatred and abuse, taming her demon nature. In his care she Remembered her past she left him, and went to see her childhood home. Syrius was there somehow alive after all this time and he propositioned the ChA0s pack to her and she agreed. Shortly after ,Syirus proposed to Sin and she agreed. Their first member was Koi [link] a sickly priest. She took him into her care and he fell hard for her. One night when her and Syirus were playing he mistakenly took it as him trying to kill her. So he ripped his heart out, and Sin exploded torturing him and forcing him to build the Manor with her and taking over the pack for herself.


SO THEN [link] CAME to the pack with his sister Fua he was with eden at the time but the same assassins that were after sin's father killed her. Lance grieved badly for his dead girlfriend. However sin took him in. She had allways adored him and had feelings for him that she couldn't express cause of respect for Eden. Her and Lance quickly fell in love but sin's attractions bit her in the ass. She had a crush on Ryg [link] but he hurt her badly. Enraged by her hurt feelings she threw him out of the house with his wife Clarisse. Only to go back later and kill him. Lance never said much, nor did her other love interest raven. When Lilith escaped from hell Stan commanded her to resolve it or else both would be punished. Sin refused at first until it became too much of a issue not to. She and the others fought relentlessly but in the end the time limit ran out and her. Her,Lilith, and Raven were all sent to the Omni. Lance and the others fought for her and ravens freedom. In the end it was Lusifer who decided to free her and send his wife Lilith to damnation out of the sake of just being a cruel ass. There was this period after where sin and the newly reformed ryg were fighting over her killing him. However ryg lost and sin forgave him, unable to kill him for something he didn't really do. Her and Ryg actually had a flirtatious streak and nearly slept together. Lance found out and ripped off both of ryg's ring fingers, beating the shit out of him. Then about a month later she actually did sleep with raven. When Lance found out he tried to kill himself feeling as if sin had lied. He shot himself in the mouth and narrowly missed most of his brain. --- I am getting sick of typing. Sin and raven got in a huge fight. Lance took sin back xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

:bulletblack:How She was Made:bulletblack:
Sin was a sona I designed for myself in November 2004, I had recently started dressing gothic and needed a character to fit the style. I based her heavily on all my inspirations and worked hard to make her my own. Changing her from a wolf to a Jackal. By the end of that month I had created the ChA0s pack and the story started to take shape. But I needed an excuse for all the shit loads of details I put into her and the story of Sin the angel was born. But she, herself was horribly cliche, so I revamped her anime like design in 2007 and again in 2008. Thus what you see before you was born <3

copyright (c) please don’t trace/copy/steal my ideas or images
Sin Common Stitches belongs to :iconsincommonstitches:
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Abwettar Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I think this is probably the first ref of her I personally have ever seen.
And I'm liking what I'm seeing :la:
She's just epic.

DieGefangnis Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice shoes O:
Nopeita Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Love it. o.o
Hedge-Dragon Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't call it a hair cloud. D:
They where just jealous of it's awesomeness.
MissyDemona Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011
HAAAAWT!! :la: <3
MaddyJordan Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
....This may have been answered, but why was the hair cloud destroyed?
SinCommonStitches Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
xD; HHAHA ironic they called it the hair cloud in the stream too. I wasnt...happy...ish
MaddyJordan Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
well you called it the hair cloud at the end of the description thingy... so were you not happy that they called it that or just the hair in general?
SinCommonStitches Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
xDD; i forgot that i called it that
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