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Lilith Profile by SinCommonStitches Lilith Profile by SinCommonStitches
Name:Lilith Di Morningstar
Age: Timeless
Species: Serpent/ Goddess

-NOT in the PACK, shes a VILLAIN!
-She is Married to Lucifer and has had his son
-Had [link] killed in cold blood
-Is totally insane
-Manipulates fire, and heat
-She is the Goddess of death that represent freedom
-The statue of liberty is based off her (|D;; the french trying to destroy us XDD!!!)
-Had an afair with[link]
-Turned [link]
-She has a Demon form that is over 6 1/2 full sized passenger airplanes

:bulletred:Background Story:bulletred:
Lilith was a female serpent in the garden of Eden, she watched jealously Eve and Adam as they lived in the garden. She lusted and pined after them for having legs and being human seemed so appealing to her. So when Lucifer approached her in the garden to try and mislead Adam and Eve into betraying God, in exchange for a human form. She eagerly agreed. She deceived Eve and corrupted them both. As she waited for her reward from Lucifer she watched her home be destroyed by these new unbearable creatures. When Lucifer returned she questioned him why he had lied, and he made her have a human form but she was a abomination like the others. At first she regretted her choice greatly, wallowing in sorrow. But soon Lucifer’s visits became more frequent and she began to enjoy the company, and his beliefs. She fell in love with him, and after he was forced into hell she followed him. She found out shortly after she was pregnant with his son. Her pregnancy lasted only 4 months (typical gestation for a demon). Her baby was full grown and was ripping her body apart with his claws. She gave birth to a son Baphomet. She raised him, while Lucifer was imprisoned by his brother Stan for eternity. She tried several attempts to free him but found the only way to distract Stan enough to break him out was to rip open the gates of hell, and twice she succeeded. Ripping the gate to hell open in America, and then several years later Asia. Both her attempts fail, but she still had hope for opening the 3rd gate.

She then made a plot to open the 3rd gate. However, the gates are all under the protection of a person of a certain family line. The only way the gate can be opened is to sacrifice that person in the proper spot. Unfortunately, the 3rd gate was under the protection of leader of the ChA0s pack, Sin Stitches. Sin is also the leader (ruler) of the segment of hell she inhabited. So to get Sin's attention she broke free from hell and onto earth. This caught Stan (Satan’s, who raised sin) attention, so he came to sin requesting that she do her duty and return Lilith home to Hell. Sin felt instantly annoyed and avoided the task, and in that time Koi [link] was suffering from a deep depression so he left for Italy to find himself. Sin freaked and left after him to bring him home with violence or otherwize.The boys followed her to Italy hoping to stop sin from killing Koi in her rage. However on the trip through the Underworld (its like a demon subway system, underground XD its really fast) they met a demon vespa. She told them how lilith had appeared on earth and was causing discord. When they left home they put Eden [link] and Fua [link] in charge, home alone. While the pack was away Lilith sent an assassin and shot and killed one of the females of the pack. Although she intended to get Fua, to torture her minion Bly[link] killer shot Eden in the head, and blew her brains out, hours before the pack returned home. When she leaed she had killed the wrong woman, she instead she started to haunt Bly, calling out to him with her aura, and he was slowly losing his mind to a fever she induced.

But the packs addittude was destroyed from loosing Eden but she enjoyed that she got their attention so she sent an aid to take them to Egypt (a minister that knew sin), leading them deeper into her clutches. Oded, her aid deceived them into a trap and trapped them in his Egypt. While they where away they left Raven [link] at home alone. So Lilith wanting to hurt sin the brain washed him into doing her bidding. She called him to Egypt with her and she used him to attack the pack and hurt sin. Where Lilith sent Raven after Sin while they were trapped in Oded's home. She instantly was horrified and betrayed and forced to fight her best friend into running away. Sin and her pack almost instantly killed Oded for his actions.

They then went on a tip to meet the tattoo artist of the assassin who killed Eden, a dragon named Kirin. [link] To see if she could tell them more about Lilith and the group. However she ran away so they took her as prisoner and forced her with them. Koi was captured by Kavid and Lilith allowed Kavid to beat him to try and force him to talk, torturing him

Meanwhile they were all staying in a hotel and Lilith sent her minion Kavid and Raven to get Fua and Lance. Just to annoy Sin, and Bly to come after her. Sin exploded in rage, with Bly, they destroyed half of Cairo. Because both knew that their loved ones were being tortured. So the pack began to follow Lilith. So the pack went after Fua and Lance while Lilith was weak. Sin sent the whole pack for them. However, Aiden [link] was the one to save Lance and Fua by transforming into Sabath for the first time and killed Kavid. because Lilith had started chasing after them. But they managed to get away from her because Raven returned to Sin of his own free will. This infuriated Lilith as she chased the Pack. So sin managed to fight her and seal her in a spot temporarily with her scythe, by stabbing it through her chest cavity.

There she meet Ryg’s dammed soul and brought him back to life, to torture the pack. So he pledged loyalty to her and went after them while they were trying to recover. He attacked them and slit open Fua’s throat. After fixing her Bly left to take Koi to a hospital. However Ryg followed and tried to kill Bly, Mary, and Koi. however Bly convinced him to go home after a long drawn out battle. During the fight, sin senced Blys struggle and went to help them. However she left her pack voulnerable and she stole noir (the gate guardian).

While Lilith was opening the gates to hell, sin stopped her with raven. However the 2 week deadline ended abruptly in the middle of their fight and judgment came upon them. Sin, Raven, and Lilith being dragged into the omni (the death sentence for someone’s soul in hell).

All of them, and the pack were later brought back at the trial in hell to judge who was truely to blame for destroying holy land (the gate of hell is consided holy land because its near Eden). In the end the trial was a huge disaster thanks to [link] (XD he caused a riot and pissed off the judge) and Lucifer came to the stand, being the only one in the Morningstar bloodline who wasn't biased on the events. Being Lilith’s husband she was sure she would be chossen for life. However, He choose that she was guilty rather than Sin and Raven. So she was returned to her eternal danmation and is currently a pulsing mass in a demons stomach.


:bulletred:How She was Made:bulletred:
D8 I was making a lot of gods one night for my hell idea, and someone told me Lucifer had a wife, so i looked it up and did a TON of research. then drew her up. She was so hot XDD I just HADDDD to put her in

copyright (c) please don’t trace/copy/steal my ideas or images
Lilith Morningstar belongs to :iconsincommonstitches:

this was fun and all :icongriffsnuff:'s idea!
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TehWind Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009
Man Lilith has a fun design
SinCommonStitches Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Indeed she dose chicita
rrei Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009   Digital Artist
She looks so badass. I love her bright colors, they really make her pop.
SinCommonStitches Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
XD i am editing her description cause it is HORRRRIIIBLLE
Juno-Park Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009
Wow, the detail and color on this one is amazing!
She's awesome :D
SinCommonStitches Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
<3 thanksI appreciate it
Tatchu Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
PFFFT she's definitely a COLORED
SinCommonStitches Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
XDD she definatly IS
jennis233 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009
She is out-of-this-world gorgeous! It's cool that she is a villain, but she also has a weakness.. you like to make your women have these weaknesses, it's sad :/

Also, I read the entire description, and it's difficult to understand! Needs more names and less "him/her/she/his" and definitely more punctuation for me to understand it. It's really important! Especially if she is as cool as she's supposed to be! :D!!!!!

Is her breastplate made from gold?? @o@

More fanart worthy stuff...
SinCommonStitches Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
dude i was writting that for 6 hours, im going back and fixing it as soon as I wake up...

8D and yes gold. D| the fact of the matter is I make EVERYONE have a weakness, cause they are dinamic characters and are constantly changing cause the story is constantly going. To be honest the situation they live in is REALLY High stress too

XD yessum dats gold
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